Stop and Smell the Baby’s Head

I brought Oscar to work with me today, first to a meeting and then to my office so I could finish up some last minute paperwork (summer vacation is a little bit of a misnomer for teachers).  He was golden in the meeting, sitting on a colleague’s lap and chewing on his overalls.  He didn’t make a peep.

At one point back in my office I was feeding him and answering emails at the same time (how’s THAT for multitasking!) when I noticed that he had finished eating and was “talking,” his head tipped back on the boppy, looking at me, smiling, and cooing away.  It was such a sweet moment, I did what I had to do, turned off the computer and enjoyed a little face time with my son.  We discussed current events, and he shared his views, which he would like to keep private.

Life is short.  Happy baby time is even shorter.

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