Perfect Moment Monday–Home

Last night I got back from Tucson where I went for a few days with Oscar to visit my dad and his family. Darin and I both have family in Tucson, which is the only reason to go from a place where the average summer temperature is 80 degrees to a place where the average summer temperature is 110 degrees. I had a good time, but as always, being away from home makes me appreciate home that much more. Last night as I drove up into the mountains I turned off the air conditioner, rolled down the window, and breathed in the smell of cool, pine-scented evening air.  That smell always makes me think one thing: Ah…home.

This morning I brought Oscar to bed at around 6:30. I nursed him and then he slept with us until 8:30.  I’ve been doing this for about a week and I love it. First of all, Oscar sleeps later when he sleeps with us (this is only true in the mornings; he is normally too restless for co-sleeping and does better in his crib during the night). Secondly, when he’s in bed with us he doesn’t sleep with his face pressed into a blanket.  He sleeps with his arms flung wide and a self-satisfied little smile.  It’s a smile that says, “I’m right where I belong.”

I CapturePerfect Moments.

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