Letter to Oscar–Months Seven and Eight

You are still not letting me sleep at night, but during the day you are so good I can’t complain. This morning as I watch you sit on the floor in my office, playing contentedly, I realize how lucky I am.  Just seeing seeing your straight little back and your head bent over your toys fills me with so much love and so much joy I feel like it’s going to spill out of my body.  I love watching you play and explore. The world is reduced to a bright color, an interesting texture, or a new sound. Everything that is nonessential falls away. I love your mischievous grin, and the fact that you will stop at nothing to get what you want.

These last two months have been full of changes. You are now sitting unassisted, crawling, pulling yourself up to standing, and getting into everything.  You’ve inherited your mother’s love of both talking and eating. You have two new teeth and cutest smile I’ve ever seen. Lately I see less of the baby you were and more of the boy you are becoming.  This makes me feel excited and sad at the same time. Last night when I swaddled you in a towel after your bath and held you like I used to when you were tiny, I realized just how much you’ve grown. I love to put you on my hip and carry you around, and I love the way you cling to me like I am the center of your little world. That won’t always be the case, and I’m trying to enjoy it while it lasts. I love taking you places and watching you look around and absorb your surroundings. You are very curious about the world, and I’m so excited about all of the things I get to teach you and all of the adventures we’re going to have.

I love watching you with Papa. You look more and more like him every day, and I hope that you also inherited his kindness, creativity, and sense of humor. I love that we are now a family of three, our own little unit, sharing our lives together. Oscar, you have changed us for the better, and I can’t remember what life was like before you came.

Love, Mama

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