Nanowrimo Day Three–Word Count 7097

I had my doubts today. After taking care of Oscar and trying to grade papers all morning, I didn’t get any writing done. However, I have found that once he goes to bed the story just wants to flow out of me, and again I am ahead of my word count goal.

Writing 50,000 words in thirty days requires putting down a minimum of 1,667 words each day. To give myself a little bit of a cushion in the beginning, I’ve set a goal of 2,000 words each day. Since by the end of the third day I am over 7,000 words, I’m right on track and a little ahead. I don’t anticipate maintaining this pace, but I’m having fun while it lasts.

I am currently finished with chapter one and well into chapter two. I’ve received some requests to release another excerpt (or three!) so I’m toying with the idea of posting a completed chapter each week. Let me know in the comments if you’d be interested. You can read the first excerpt here.

Blog Book Giveaway!

I love books about writing and blogging, but some are more helpful than others. One of my favorites is The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging. This book not only covers the basics of blogging, but also delves into the fascinating history of The Huffington Post blog. The book is packed with useful information and resources, as well as essays on blogging from Nora Ephron, Larry David, Al Franken, and Steve Martin (among others).

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