Nanowrimo Day Six–Word Count 14,046

This is how I felt tonight when I sat down to write. I was so tired that I almost skipped this writing session. I’ve been writing at night after Oscar goes to bed, and tonight I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep my eyes open. A familiar little voice told me that I’m ahead on my word count, so it’s ok to skip, JUST THIS ONCE.

This is the same voice that tells me it won’t hurt to have a couple of cookies (right before I eat the whole package). In other words, it’s the voice of the devil. The one that sits on my shoulder and laughs at me when i write a sentence and asks me who I think I am, trying to write a novel. Who am I kidding? It’s the one that makes my angel cry.

Tonight was different. Tonight I knew that if I skipped, the spell would be broken and I would be done. It’s that simple. If I miss one night, I’m done. You might think that this is crazy, extreme thinking, but I know how my mind words. I know about motivation and momentum.

So I sat down with various treats to keep me going and I began typing. And I typed, and typed, and typed. When Oscar woke up and cried, Darin went upstairs and got him to go back to sleep.

That’s true love.

And for one more night, I am a writer.

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