Perfect Moment Monday–Book Worm

You might notice that top shelf of the bookcase behind Oscar is empty. That’s because Oscar loves to pull everything off it! We got tired of putting everything back, and now just leave it empty except for Oscar’s books and toys.

Oscar loves books. He loves to stack them, throw them, chew on them, and best of all…actually look at them.

My favorite moments are when it’s quiet and I look over at Oscar in his exersaucer or on the floor bent over a book, turning the pages as best he can and looking at the pictures.  The book he’s holding in this picture is called Baby 123 and it’s currently his favorite. I keep thinking he’ll get tired of it, but he never does. It’s the one book he’ll sit still for when I read it to him.

As a life-long book lover, I look forward to teaching Oscar about books and sharing my favorites with him. I only hope he will love them too.

I Capture Perfect Moments.

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