Halfway! Wordcount–25,875

I am halfway to my goal of 50,000 words for the month of November and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m a little nervous because my plot is getting pretty big and I’m afraid I’m going to lose track of it all together. I need to make a list of characters and locations to help me keep track of everything, not to mention an outline of some kind. The most words I’ve ever written during Nanowrimo was 28,000, and it looks like I am AT LEAST going to pass that previous personal best.

Tomorrow Oscar is 9 months old! His birthday falls on Friday the 13th, and since he was born on a Friday the 13th I’m thinking of having a little party for him. All this means is just me, Darin, Oscar, and a cupcake. Because sometimes I need an excuse to eat a cupcake. I’ll probably wait until Oscar is in bed because we are not ready to give him sugar yet.

Tomorrow is also his routine appointment with his pediatrician. I’m curious to find out how much he weighs. I will also know more about the H1N1 vaccine (whether or not it’s available and whether or not I’m going to give it to Oscar).

I sense another blog post coming on!

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