Sleeping Baby

For the past couple of months, ever since Oscar started standing, I’ve been thinking of him as a little boy instead of a baby. He does a lot of boy-like things (if I may generalize), like yelling, spitting, hitting, throwing, and banging. I love his little boy energy and his sense of humor. I get caught up in how quickly he grows and changes and I look forward to each new development.

Then there are moments like last night. He was having trouble falling asleep, so I came upstairs to nurse him again (he is easily distracted while nursing, so he often doesn’t eat enough). He nursed for a long time, and fell soundly asleep. I was about to get up and dump him in his crib, when suddenly I could see the little baby he was for such a short time.

So I forgot everything I wanted to get done and I just held and rocked my baby boy, because time moves faster than ever before, and I wanted to cherish this moment.

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