New Look, New Program, New Features!

I decided to start using WordPress for my blog and have also given it a new look. I learned so much about WordPress in the process ( vs., I feel like I could write a book. Not WordPress for Dummies(I’m sure that one has been written), but WordPress For People Who Are Even Dumber Than That.

Once of the reasons I switched blogging programs is that my old program lacked portability. I could only transfer half of my posts, and I couldn’t transfer any of the comments. However, I will be manually transferring some of the posts and comments and the old blog will remain here for the time being.

Although it is not as simple and user-friendly as the program I was using (GoDaddy’s Quick Blogcast), there are a number of improvements. I can now choose from THOUSANDS of themes and templates (for awhile this was more of a curse than a blessing), and I can now tinker with thousands of widgets and plug-ins (I have to find SOMETHING to do, because teaching full-time and taking care of a ten-month-old is barely filling my day). Because this blog is going to be New and Improved, if you haven’t already, subscribe! All the cool people will (ok, they haven’t yet, but they WILL).

It will also be much easier to leave comments (no more pesky hoop-jumping to prove that you exist). So…um…LEAVE MORE COMMENTS. Please?

Here, I’ll help you out by giving you topic. Which blog program/host do you use, and why do you like it or hate it? There, now talk amongst yourselves…