New Look, New Program, New Features!

I decided to start using WordPress for my blog and have also given it a new look. I learned so much about WordPress in the process ( vs., I feel like I could write a book. Not WordPress for Dummies(I’m sure that one has been written), but WordPress For People Who Are Even Dumber Than That.

Once of the reasons I switched blogging programs is that my old program lacked portability. I could only transfer half of my posts, and I couldn’t transfer any of the comments. However, I will be manually transferring some of the posts and comments and the old blog will remain here for the time being.

Although it is not as simple and user-friendly as the program I was using (GoDaddy’s Quick Blogcast), there are a number of improvements. I can now choose from THOUSANDS of themes and templates (for awhile this was more of a curse than a blessing), and I can now tinker with thousands of widgets and plug-ins (I have to find SOMETHING to do, because teaching full-time and taking care of a ten-month-old is barely filling my day). Because this blog is going to be New and Improved, if you haven’t already, subscribe! All the cool people will (ok, they haven’t yet, but they WILL).

It will also be much easier to leave comments (no more pesky hoop-jumping to prove that you exist). So…um…LEAVE MORE COMMENTS. Please?

Here, I’ll help you out by giving you topic. Which blog program/host do you use, and why do you like it or hate it? There, now talk amongst yourselves…

9 thoughts on “New Look, New Program, New Features!

  1. I love the new look of your blog! Way to go! Seems everyone is making the move to WordPress! 🙂 Love the header, what beautiful pictures!


  2. LOVE THE NEW LOOK!!!! Especially the pictures at the top:)

    I use blogger, which is super user friendly, but lacks many cool features….like, I wish I could respond to a comment without havign to leave a new comment. And uploading picutres is quite a hassle.


  3. It’s beautiful! It makes me want to subscribe twice!

    If I ever get brave enough to make the switch (and if my calendar ever clears out), I’ll ask you to write that book. I am certainly your demographic.


  4. The only place I have ever poured my heart out is on blogger. Seems to work for me for now! (I do wish pictures were easier to download) I love the look of your blog and your little boy and your pictures on here are amazing!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, hope to see you again soon.


  5. I was just debating switching to wordpress since everyone raves about it so much… but I don’t like, and am totally overwhelmed by (and am not sure i want to commit to having to pay for monthly hosting). I’m pretty happy with blogger (where I’ve been for years) though the one thing I wish it had was emails for commenters, so I could reply back to people via email… Perhaps if I do ever decide to try I’ll have to ask you for advice on figuring it all out.



    • I agree that is pretty limited. I just have to say if I can figure out, anyone can. It’s a lot less complicated than they make it seem. The only downside is paying for hosting, but GoDaddy charges the same to host wordpress as they do for Quick Blogcast (just a few dollars a month), so for me there was no difference.


  6. I’m on blogger, which I’ll admit is kind of elementary, but for my purposes, it’s enough. I have thought, a lot, about switching to WordPress but just haven’t talked myself into it yet.


    • I hear great things about Blogger, and both my mom and my niece use it, as do most of my bloggy friends. It would have been even harder to make the switch to them, but that’s the fault of GoDaddy and not Blogger.


  7. When you get WordPress For People Who Are Even Dumber Than That written, can you send me an autographed copy? WordPress for Dummies reads like corporate tax code.


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