The Art of the Perfect Moment

I learned a long time ago that a moment cannot be created to look like a professional wedding cake.

We try to create this:

And we end up creating this:

(images from Cake Wrecks)

We tend to think of the best moments, the important moments, as being those that happen on big days: holidays, birthdays, weddings, parties. We try to orchestrate the big moments, and we pay a lot of money to make them happen.

But I’ve learned that the perfect moments happen when we least expect them. They happen when we might be too busy or too distracted to pay attention.

In order to experience perfect moments, we have to learn how to slow down and live each day as if it were precious and whole, not just one more day to be checked off of a calender before the important, official moments happen. We have to be fully present, quiet, and still. We have to give ourselves over to them.

We do not make perfect moments happen; perfect moments happen to us.

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