9 thoughts on “Perfect Moment Monday–Bath Time

  1. FOund you through Lou Lous views. There is nothing sweeter then a baby having a bath in a sink! Love it. My girls are 8 and 11 now. Sigh. No more sink babies is this house:)


  2. Hi Sandy! Your little Oscar is adorable! Yes, sink baths are the best. We tried a lot of options with Ellie for bathing and she really isn’t a fan of them. Don’t know why it took us so long to try the sink – of course it’s her favorite! 🙂


  3. it’s my favorite time, when they are slippery and smelling like “BABY MAGIC”, when their giggles echo off the tub and into the bedroom, when they are ready for jammies and sleepytime. What a great picture!!!!!!


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