The Writing Project that Changed My Life

You asked… (part one)

I’ve received so many wonderful questions, and they have been so fun and engaging to answer, that I’m spreading out the answers in a series of blog posts.

Tiffany, who blogs at Aspiring, asked: What has been your all-time favorite writing project to work on and why?

I love this question!

Two years ago I participated in a playwriting workshop on a whim. It was three intensive weeks of writing and workshops for four hours every afternoon.Β  The experience really stretched me as a writer and a person, because not only did we have to write and workshop one ten-minute play each day, we also had to participate in improv, which was utterly terrifying.

During that time I wrote a play called “Pork Belly Futures.” It’s one of those writing projects where everything just clicks, where the words just flow, as if the events and conversations between the characters have already happened and you are just transcribing them. It was chosen to be performed as part of the Northern Arizona Playwriting Showcase, and ultimately won first prize.

However, none of those reasons are why it was my favorite writing project. The day after the showcase, when I still coming down off the high of seeing my play performed in front of an audience, I felt a little weird, so I took a pregnancy test. I didn’t expect it to be positive; I had taken countless negative tests during the past two years.

You know the rest of the story…

It was the happiest day of my life.

5 thoughts on “The Writing Project that Changed My Life

  1. OMG, what a fantastic surprise and what a wonderful opportunity to not only be able to write and expand yourself but be praised for it too…to see it performed. AWESOME!


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