Every Day I Am Oscar’s Mom

I don’t know when I am going to have time to blog regularly.

I don’t know who is going to publish my book.

I don’t know if I am going to get tenure.

I don’t know if we will ever be able to afford to buy a house.

I don’t know when Oscar will start talking.

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

But every day I wake up and I get Oscar out of his crib and I give him breakfast and he puts his arms around me and gives me a kiss. He brings me books and blocks and a clean diaper and lets me wipe his mouth with a washcloth. He likes to throw trash in the garbage and put wet clothes in the dryer. He laughs when I blow raspberries on his belly. He can eat two bananas in less than five minutes. He knows a little sign language, and his favorite sign is “more.” More cereal, more milk, more Thomas the Train, more raspberries, more kisses, more applesauce.

More love.

There will never be enough love in the world for this little boy.

6 thoughts on “Every Day I Am Oscar’s Mom

  1. Sigh. This post is beautiful. So amazing. It’s true, the love we have for our children… it’s like nothing else on earth. The joy and pleasures they bring to us, the simple things they do. I want to freeze time so badly. Already they grow up too quickly… beautiful post. xo


  2. What a sweet, sweet post. And LOVE that picture–is he on the phone with my O guy? 🙂 I ask myself everyday if I crossed enough things off my to-do-list–and I always take a moment to reflect that being a Mom is the best TO DO Ive every done.


  3. that was a heart tugging post, I LOVED IT…and you’re right, we may never know what else our lives will bring us, but everyday we are the moms to the babies we never thought we’d have and that is a MIRACLE….

    he is BEAUTIFUL …look at that smile…


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