Perfect Moment Monday–Personal Trainer

Every once in awhile I get bit by the exercise bug. I draw up a plan for doing cardio, strength training, and yoga several times a week. I make a schedule. I read a couple of magazines. I dust off a few exercise DVDs I bought back in the 90s.

It never lasts.

This was one of those weekends. I put on a DVD that combines cardio and weight lifting in a series of short segments. Thinking I was putting on a Thomas the Train video, Oscar came running into the living room. Then he stood and watched, puzzled, as Mama jumped around imitating the lady on the television.

He proceeded to “spot” me by jumping on my back while I was doing Child’s Pose, trying to lift up my head while I was doing crunches, and applauding happily after each segment. I’ve never enjoyed an exercise session so much in my entire life.

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