The Real Nursing Mamas of Orange County

I have a great idea for a new reality show:

A woman sitting on her couch with a boppy, a Kindle, and a laptop, nursing a newborn.




Nothing happens except nursing, diaper changes, the eating of numerous unhealthy snacks, and jags of hysterical crying or laughing in which the woman either wishes she were a man or begs someone to kill her so she can get some sleep already.

Occasionally her 3-year-old asks for juice, a new DVD, or help putting cashews up his nose.

Of course, if this were really a TV show, there could be celebrity cameos. Like Gwyneth Paltrow stopping by with a macrobiotic lasagne or Angelina Jolie giving breastfeeding tips while texting Brad and showing off pictures of Maddox and the twins. Oprah might even drop by via Skype and offer to have Nate redo the woman’s living room. The sarcastic but witty hosts of What Not to Wear would just shake their heads and cluck at the woman’s spit-up stained sweat pants and stretched-out maternity top, but in the end they would hand over that $5,000 credit card and maybe throw in a little extra for a babysitter.

Unfortunately, the 24/7 reality of having a nursing newborn doesn’t include celebrity cameos.

Mothering is hard work. We are all mom enough.