A Conversation Between Oscar and the Moon

Yesterday evening we were walking and Oscar said, “Look, the moon!” He actually calls it the “moom.”

“Hey Mom, talk like the moom.”

“OK, Oscar. Hi Oscar! I’m the moon. How are you?”

“I’m Oscar! Why are you coming up?”

“I come up when the sun goes down.”

“Why you not turn your light on?”

“It’s still light outside. When it gets darker I will look brighter.”

“You want to come to my house?”

“I can see your house, but I can’t really come there.”

“OK. Just don’t come inside, OK?”

“I won’t come inside. I have to stay up here in the sky.”

“What’s inside you?”

“There’s nothing inside me. I’m solid all the way through like a rock.”

“But who’s driving you?”

“Nobody is driving me. I go around the Earth on my own.”

“OK Moom! Night Night! Love you! Bye bye!”

“Goodnight, Oscar. Love you too.”

“Say bye bye.”

“OK, bye bye.”


“Mom, I miss the moom.”


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