Perfect Moment Monday–Olympic Snow Driving

Last night I watched the premier of Olympic Ski Cross. Because there aren’t enough sports that make me hold my breath and bite my nails while routing for the underdog and simultaneously hoping somebody bites it…hard. Cuz I’m twisted like that.

One of the favorites, Chris Del Bosco from Canada, was in bronze metal position toward the end of the final race. As he headed toward the last jump he should have checked his speed, which in skiing terms means going into a little snow plow to slow down. However, as he later said during an interview, “I didn’t want the bronze, so I went for it.” He took HUGE air, and then biffed it bad. It was fantastic. It’s what the Olympics are all about.

This is why I am not an Olympic athlete. While driving through the snow on my way to work this morning, I wasn’t content with bronze metal position. I was content with last place. In bad weather, I drive so slowly that everyone passes me, throwing a look at me as they fly by that says, loser. That’s ok, because they don’t give medals for coming in first place.

I just drove slowly, enjoyed the beautiful snow in the trees, and let myself have a perfect moment.

I Capture Perfect Moments.

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Perfect Moment Monday–Book Worm

You might notice that top shelf of the bookcase behind Oscar is empty. That’s because Oscar loves to pull everything off it! We got tired of putting everything back, and now just leave it empty except for Oscar’s books and toys.

Oscar loves books. He loves to stack them, throw them, chew on them, and best of all…actually look at them.

My favorite moments are when it’s quiet and I look over at Oscar in his exersaucer or on the floor bent over a book, turning the pages as best he can and looking at the pictures.  The book he’s holding in this picture is called Baby 123 and it’s currently his favorite. I keep thinking he’ll get tired of it, but he never does. It’s the one book he’ll sit still for when I read it to him.

As a life-long book lover, I look forward to teaching Oscar about books and sharing my favorites with him. I only hope he will love them too.

I Capture Perfect Moments.

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Perfect Moment Monday–A New Hat!

There is nothing like going to the mailbox and finding a nice, fat package among the bills and junk mail. Earlier this week I got this wonderful knit pumpkin hat from Kristin over at Dragondreamer’s Lair. She made it herself and I was lucky enough to win it as part of her blogoversary giveaway. She knit it herself; isn’t it wonderful? What made this perfect moment even more perfect was the fact that it actually fit my head. If you don’t already know this about me, I have an enormous head. I can count on one hand the number of hats that I have found in my lifetime that actually fit my head. Of course, I do have a bit more luck with knit hats, but they usually squeeze my head. This one fits beautifully and is warm and comfortable. Thanks Kristin!

I Capture Perfect Moments.

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Fall Interlude

Before last year, fall was my least favorite season.  It’s always the busiest time of year for me, a crowded semester teaching and supervising student teachers, traveling for two conferences and Thanksgiving, and trying to get ready for the holidays. Plus, the nice long days begin to disappear and the weather turns cold. All of these things used to depress me. But last fall all of that changed. This time last year I was over twenty weeks pregnant, had just had a level II ultrasound showing that I was carrying a healthy baby, and felt for the first time that I might actually have a live baby.

This fall I have a seven-month-old who is energetic, eager to learn, and full of life. When I find myself getting caught up in the busyness and craziness of work and life, I try to find time to sink back down into the world of a small child. A child who lives in the moment, and a child who make me realize how lucky I am to be part of his life.

Perfect Moment Monday–Cuddling

Oscar was (finally) asleep and our (late) dinner had been eaten. Darin and I decided to watch the rest of the movie Watchmen, which I couldn’t sit through the night before. So we sat on the couch and cuddled, which is something we’ve rarely done since Oscar was born, usually because we are playing with Oscar, or because I am too busy or too tired.  It was wonderful to just rest my head on Darin’s chest and feel his arms around me, because that’s always been “home” to me, and I love it when we sit on the couch together and watch movies. There’s a line in one of my favorite songs that goes, “When Friday night arrives we’ll let it pass outside the door…” That’s my favorite way to spend time with Darin, no reservations needed, no lines to wait in, and I can pause the movie anytime I want to pee, make popcorn, or sneak upstairs to watch Oscar sleeping, placing my hand gently on his chest to feel him breathe.

I Capture Perfect Moments.

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Perfect Moment Monday–My Boy

The weekend before classes started, Oscar and I got to hang out together while his papa went camping with some friends. It was nice to spend some quality time with him before going back to work full-time.

Darin referred to Oscar as “his boy” shortly after he was born, and I liked the sound of it. Our boy. And he is such a boy. He reminds me of a description in Chaucer of a horsely horse, a horse that is the very definition of a horse. Oscar is a climber, a jumper, a fearless explorer. He is also smart and funny and sweet.

In the coming months I will be away from him more than I have ever been. The busy start of the school year already has me reeling (and neglecting this blog!) and I’m not sure how I’m going to get it all done. Most of all, I’m a little sad that I won’t be there for every moment, every expression, every laugh, every gesture. However, I do get the special privilege of coming home at the end of the day and seeing that little face. What more could I ask for?

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Perfect Moment Monday–Home

Last night I got back from Tucson where I went for a few days with Oscar to visit my dad and his family. Darin and I both have family in Tucson, which is the only reason to go from a place where the average summer temperature is 80 degrees to a place where the average summer temperature is 110 degrees. I had a good time, but as always, being away from home makes me appreciate home that much more. Last night as I drove up into the mountains I turned off the air conditioner, rolled down the window, and breathed in the smell of cool, pine-scented evening air.  That smell always makes me think one thing: Ah…home.

This morning I brought Oscar to bed at around 6:30. I nursed him and then he slept with us until 8:30.  I’ve been doing this for about a week and I love it. First of all, Oscar sleeps later when he sleeps with us (this is only true in the mornings; he is normally too restless for co-sleeping and does better in his crib during the night). Secondly, when he’s in bed with us he doesn’t sleep with his face pressed into a blanket.  He sleeps with his arms flung wide and a self-satisfied little smile.  It’s a smile that says, “I’m right where I belong.”

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Perfect Moment Monday–Oscar’s Touch

I have been very lucky to be a stay-at-home mom to Oscar this summer.  I will be returning to work in a few weeks, so this is a good time for me to begin participating in Perfect Moment Monday, because I’ve been trying to slow down and savor these moments with Oscar.

Oscar loves to touch and explore my face.  His favorite facial feature is noses.  He loves my nose and his papa’s nose, and also thinks it’s funny when you grab his nose.  My favorite time with Oscar is right after he is done nursing.  He lays back on the Boppy and touches my face and “talks” to me and laughs.  It’s very intimate and precious. There is so much love in my heart for this little boy, sometimes I feel like it’s going to explode.

I Capture
Perfect Moments.

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